Some of the services provided our growers are:

Module Hauling

Carson County Gin owns and operates three
module trucks and hires contract haulers
sufficient to pick up your cotton modules
from the field in a timely manner, at no cost
to our growers.

Stripper parts

We have in stock a variety of stripper parts
for our growers and their custom harvesters.
We keep on hand a variety of belts and
bearings, bats, brushes, and screws. We
also have new saw drums or channel saw       blades.

TelMark Inc bale accounting system

In addition to bale accounting, TelMark is
also a Loan Servicing Agent and can process
your commodity loans and Loan Deficiency
Payments through the Commodity Credit
Corporation (FSA). Loans and LDPs
processed through TelMark have a rapid turn-
around time, funds are usually received in
3 - 4 days.

TelMark Producer Access

TelMark Producer Access will allow you to
monitor your gin accounts and the status of
your cotton. Follow the directions in this link
to set up your account:

TelMark Producer Access

Producer Access APP for your smart phone

Search your cellular phone's App Store for TelMark and download the Producer Access App.  If you have already signed up for an account, just sign in and go! You will be able to view your gin accounts, scale tickets, and statement anytime and anywhere you have service!

The Seam

The Seam provides an international market
forum for your cotton offered for bid.

The Seam

Marketing Assistance

Carson County Gin staff is in daily contact
with merchants, maintains a listing of
contracts available and will assist you with
execution of contracts. We also will send
recaps to buyers when you are ready to sell
your open cotton.

Carson County Gin, LP
Cotton plant background photo by Karla Kotara